Every second is so full at work I am not sure I can keep the cup from spilling.  There is such a level of need with the families I work with, that the me as a Priestess is growing to an ever constant heartbeat.  Depth and connection, the feeling that I can make a difference in this family’s life.  My intention is to ground this new self- possession, that it lead me down the path, into the light, into further unfolding.  This is the first time I have felt so ignited since I began this descent into the Underworld. It’s incredibly exhausting yet the connection is fierce.  The veils are lifting as my hearts’ desire is being revealed to me.  And so it is. 


While walking through the underworld is more of a shedding process, I also deeply resonate with a growing rose bud.  A bud that swells larger and larger, filled with enthralled fragrance and spice, until it opens fully, revealing it’s potent vulnerability.  Shedding and swelling.  Both of these are true for me.


 What is the shadow you see in the middle picture?

April Aronoff

Photography by April Aronoff

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