Calling Forth


One month out from Allison’s death, how am I?  Standing on the edge with addiction, the weight of my heart as heavy as a pile of wet cloth, yet feeling finally ready to re-enter the world.  I want to get back to feeling excited about the possibility of starting my own business.  I want to be active with my family, find a way to create more space and peace between its members.  I want to feel the authenticity of my being, whether it be joy or grief or sorrow.  I want to create art.  This is my intention and I send it forth now.


I call upon my higher level guides to connect me with strength, courage and tenacity.  To help me live each day with an open heart, one full of grace and gratitude and love.  This is where I wish to dwell each moment.  This is a time of great healing.  And so it is.



I call this forth, into the world.

April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff

About My Roses

IMG_0811Ten rose bushes.  That’s how many I have planted.  I have nine in the backyard and five in the front, fourteen rose bushes total.  Thirteen of them are medium to big shrubs, highly fragrant and continuously blooming.  One of them is a spectacular rich, pink climber that will frame a window I have a view of when sitting in the garden living room.  IMG_1424The colors range from peach, to pale yellow, deep yellow, light pink, deep pink, violet, plum, deep crimson, red, and variegated crème and rust.  It will be a spectacular sight, when all these roses are in bloom.  I imagine my garden as a healing space, surrounded by luscious, fragrant roses, the emblem of love in its highest form.IMG_1221I want to bathe in the sweetness of the smell, the way it calms my nervous system and ignites my sensory preceptors, so that things like hearing, sight and touch, are amplified.

IMG_1179I am profoundly thankful that as I go through this space of deep grief and healing, I have these roses to look forward to.  I will evolve as they evolve.  The smell alters my DNA.  Perhaps that is why I am a gate keeper of the Rose.  I recognize its deep healing power.  IMG_0814As gate keeper my intention is to make my own oil from these roses of mine.  To heal myself with my own hands, the power of what I have created.  It is the dawn as night transforms into day.  It is the light I know will greet me soon.IMG_0654


April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff

November 2015 Flower Bowl/The Story of Tucker Dee Bored

So needing a little lightness in my life.  To help me remember nothing ever stays the same and with new perspective comes new growth.


Welcome to the house of Tucker Dee Bored,

his wife is named Hazel, his son is named Ford.

Their house is all brown and so is their car,

not a color in sight, not even a star.


They get up at sunrise and eat oats and toast,

they make their brown beds, and put on brown clothes.

Then Tucker Dee Bored he goes off to work,

Ford goes to High School, Hazel’s a clerk.

They all do their jobs, the same every day,

without any thought to blue or pink or grey.


Then one day a “THING” shot out of the sky,

landed on Tucker who was home watching flies.

And that “THING” exploded and dripped everywhere,

all over his house, on his furniture and stairs.

And suddenly his life was no longer brown,

there were colors like lava, flourescent passion, speckled clown.


At first he was blinded by all the color in sight,

for there was only brown, never mossy gem, sienna light.

But slowly he buzzed and tingled and glowed

and frowned at his brown oats and toast,

and began craving pizza and roasted plum salsa

and upside down pineapple roast.


 And just at that moment arrived Hazel and Ford,

who’d been shopping for brand new brown beds,

And without really thinking Tucker picked up a cup

and threw “THING” all over their heads!

And as Hazel and Ford stood there dripping,

color steeping into their clothes,

they too began craving oranges with onions,

blue ice-crème and cherry white cones.


Then they all began throwing cups of “THING”

on their neighbors and all down the street,

and soon the whole world was dripping with color

all over everyone’s feet!

And after that day, that fateful day,

the “THING” dripped all over them,

Tucker Dee Bored and Hazel and Fords

clothes never matched again.

IMG_3294 (1)

April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff

Thoughts Of The Day


Today is one of those days where I feel like life is very heavy, with dark thoughts swimming through my head.  I am realizing it is important to talk to these thoughts, to both hold and hear them.  The hearing part is all the self-criticism I have been battling with these past few weeks.  The holding part is telling that lower vibrational me that it’s ok, everybody has a bad day, and that things are not what they seem.  That there is more beneath the surface that is rich and whole and dynamic, and that with time, this will be so.  Nothing every stays the same, that is the law of impermanence.  We as humans are bound to this law just like anything else on Earth. ” A shift will happen,” I tell myself.  “A change will come.”  In the meantime, I must do what fuels me.  Gardening, walking, hiking though nature.  Sharing my thoughts in writing.  Still working on the screaming part, but I know that too will come.    



April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff