Today is one of those days where I feel like life is very heavy, with dark thoughts swimming through my head.  I am realizing it is important to talk to these thoughts, to both hold and hear them.  The hearing part is all the self-criticism I have been battling with these past few weeks.  The holding part is telling that lower vibrational me that it’s ok, everybody has a bad day, and that things are not what they seem.  That there is more beneath the surface that is rich and whole and dynamic, and that with time, this will be so.  Nothing every stays the same, that is the law of impermanence.  We as humans are bound to this law just like anything else on Earth. ” A shift will happen,” I tell myself.  “A change will come.”  In the meantime, I must do what fuels me.  Gardening, walking, hiking though nature.  Sharing my thoughts in writing.  Still working on the screaming part, but I know that too will come.    



April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff

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