One month out from Allison’s death, how am I?  Standing on the edge with addiction, the weight of my heart as heavy as a pile of wet cloth, yet feeling finally ready to re-enter the world.  I want to get back to feeling excited about the possibility of starting my own business.  I want to be active with my family, find a way to create more space and peace between its members.  I want to feel the authenticity of my being, whether it be joy or grief or sorrow.  I want to create art.  This is my intention and I send it forth now.


I call upon my higher level guides to connect me with strength, courage and tenacity.  To help me live each day with an open heart, one full of grace and gratitude and love.  This is where I wish to dwell each moment.  This is a time of great healing.  And so it is.



I call this forth, into the world.

April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff

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