IMG_3737I suddenly realize that I have been seeking sources of inspiration in the world.  I just finished reading Find A Way, by Diana Nyad, the story of a 64 year old marathon swimmer who swan from Cuba to Florida, and I just received in the mail Aging Artfully by Amy Gorman: 12 Profiles of Visual & Performing Women Aged 85-105.  These women are giving me hope, stirring my curiousity, and helping me dig deep within my soul to see what I am made of.


I am going to be seeing Allison’s family this Friday eve.  I haven’t seen them since the funeral.  In texting with her husband and partner of 26 years, 26 years that he and I have known each other as well (he and I met 3 months into their relationship),  I am suddenly awash in grief and love.  I am so excited to see them!  Yet my heart is bursting.  They will all remind me of Allison, from looks to mannerisms to time and history together.  This is both a blessing and a moment to breath.  I will let these moments be my source of inspiration!



April Aronoff

Photography by April Aronoff


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