Roses, Beauty and Mother Mary


These are the last of my roses, picked two days ago on 12/7/16.  We are at the start of winter in northern California, with rain and cold lingering these past few weeks.  I am amazed that any of my plants are still producing in December, but that is the blessing now, isn’t it?


I am utterly in love with roses.  You can take one look and see why; they are astonishingly beautiful.  Beauty has been a recurring theme for me.  It’s definition has expanded remarkably, as I have now experienced beauty on many different levels; I see, smell, feel and taste beauty.  It takes my breath away when I am in its presence, and my heart fills with such joy and gratitude for this connection.


I can always relay on my roses to bring me beauty.  These last few flushes have been stunning, and I am completely honest when I say that smelling the above bouquet brought me to a place within beauty that I can only describe as pure grace.   I am under the  spell of the Rose, I admit it freely!.  I am a Rose Addict.


Which brings me to Mother Mary, whose list of symbols includes the Rose.  When I read about why The Rose is Her symbol, it is explained that Roses are the Queen of Flowers, and Mother Mary is the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  They are both Queens!  But I feel there is more than that.  The frequency and vibration of the Rose can heal the body and soul deeply, as well as its physical nutritive properties.  For me Mother Mary is the ultimate loving mother, one who both dissolves pain and nourishes with love.  Roses and Mother Mary heal and fill the soul with love.  They are that kind of energy, and why I see Them as One.


In the name of The Rose,

April Aronoff

December 2016 Flower Bowl/The Incredible Magic of Beauty

Boy these days are tough.  My connection with spirit is what’s keeping me sane;  meditating, listening, declaring my sovereignty over and over.  Refusing to walk in the shadow of  I Am Worthless.

Today was particularly hard.  I felt lethargic and slow to take care.  Slow too engage in the practices that I knew would empower me.  And as I teetered on the brink of giving in, letting it win, letting the I Am Worthless seep into my skin, I laid my eyes on THIS.  And I Am Worthless began to promptly liquify.



What I saw was beauty.  The kind of Beauty that takes your breath away, that connects every fiber of your being with utter bliss.  It’s just that spectacular.  And being so steeped in Beauty, in that moment, so utterly in love, well, that leaves no room for feeling unworthy.  What I felt in that moment was Beauty.   And it made my heart sing.

May I cherish and remember this always 🙂


img_4676I am hoping to have this wall finished soon!

Much radiance,

April Aronoff