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It begins in silence as I prepare to Oracle.  A Star has entered me.  “The Star of Siriuis,” I think, which is where the Sisters of the Rose are from.  Or maybe it is the Rose Star Chakra (the 8th Chakra), or the **Rose Star Goddess Herself.  This Star merges with me, and a download of codes begin to happen.  I am not sure what information this holds, only that it is happening.  And then the Star morphs into the Bee and I realized the Bees are the Star; they are the **Merkabah.  I have taken the Bees DNA into my own, as I have the Rose and the Dragon.  These 3 entities are why I have taken the Priestess name “Bee Dragon Rose” and now call myself “She of the Rose and the Bee.”  I see bright, pink, electric Star light as part of the medicine that will heal the bees.  Light from the stars.  And it is not just the Bees that we must heal, but the humans that harm them.


I have roses in my spine and run honey down my crown chakra.  This has become a regular part of how I Oracle.  The Roses in my spine become rainbow colored and the honey takes on a rainbow tinge.  I can feel the Star in me.  It radiates light into all of my cells, similar to the process of **Transfiguration I learned so many years ago.  The Rainbow is alchemy and a doorway to what is next, although what is next is also what is now.  It all starts NOW.  The Bees come in while this is happening.  I have seen them in 5D and they are huge!  Like giant insects.  Perhaps things are reversed on that plane, where they are large and we as spirits are small.  I send the Bees Rainbow Star Energy for healing. 


I begin to see my past lives as a Rose Sister, protecting the sacred knowledge and wisdom of the Rose during dangerous times, and all the trauma I endured in this process.  I speak to my past Rose selves, the parts of me that hid, been tortured, or had just plain suffered for the knowledge I was protecting.  And I call these lost parts back to myself with LOVE, reassuring them that my body is now a safe space for them to be.  For when we experience trauma a part of our soul leaves, and this can occur across lifetimes, and accumulate until present day.  I ask these lost parts to join me, to return, to not be afraid, for the time is NOW to bring the Rose wisdom back into the world.  Humanity is ready to receive it.  I declare that all contracts made across all lifetimes BE DONE.  Contracts I made to be small, unnoticed, as I needed to exist this way in order to protect the Rose.  I see these contracts and are many.  And I burn them and dissolve their ashes.  And I burn the karma sticks associated with these contracts and dissolve their ashes.  This is both a relief and empowering.  Then The Christed Master and Archangeal Michael come and carry them away. 

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I am the Star again, sending the Bees healing energy.  This goes to a Bee Web around the planet, where Bees all around Gaia are sent Star healing energy en masse.  I feel a giant rush go straight to my Pineal Gland; activating it, softening it, plumping it up.  We are so hard on our bodies, living in the harsh environment that is 2018.  So much calcification, degradation and hardening of the power points in the body.  I sit in this energy of my Pineal Gland until I gently pull myself out of it.    

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I have been seeing my Black Dragon self along with The Black Madonna.  When I ask my **local teacher about this connection she tells me the Black Madonna is the energy of Mary, embedded deep within the Earth, just as the Dragons are embedded deep within the Earth.  This resonates with every fiber. 

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I am again The Star.  A Star with honeycomb and tiny roses inside.  As I run energy I plug my **Alta Major Chakra into Creator and the Star Sirius, and a large download of information comes in from the Akashic Record Keeper of the Rose (the record keeper of all the lifetimes of the Sisters of the Rose).  Again I don’t know what this information is, just that it comes.  I let myself sit in this Star Energy, feeling the pain of the Bees, and I send a wave of healing energy to the Bees that live in my wall.  I continue to sit in this Star Energy, which is high and bright and vibrant, and I feel the tip of the Star lead my crown chakra up and up, higher and higher, pulling me up, until the Rose Mothers reach down and kiss my forehead.  The Rose Mothers are an amalgam of Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Tara, and likely other Goddesses who embody the Mother Energy.  The Rose Angels come and do the same.  Then I go down, down, into the Earth, deep into Gaia, until I became one with my Black Dragon self and the Black Madonna.  I am told that grounding this way into Gaia facilitates a hive connection to every living thing that She creates all over the planet.  Then the Star energy goes out sideways, to all benevolent humans who also wish to connect this way.  Star connection to Source, Gaia, and Humanity.  We are all our own Hive Consciousness.  We are all our own Star.  We are all complete within ourselves.  Then I run beautiful, liquid golden honey down my crown.  I am told that this is so healing to the body and the cells,  and when we do this and call the lost parts of our souls back, they will stick.

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April Aronoff/Bee Dragon Rose

“She of the Rose and the Bee”

Photography by April Aronoff

**The Rose Star Goddess is a Goddess in and of Herself, who works with the energy of the Rose.  She is also linked with all of the Goddess energies that make up the Divine Feminine.

**The Merkabah is a sacred geometry symbol that is a combination of two star tetrahedrons.  One  points up to the heavens, channeling energy down from the cosmos, while the other points down, drawing energy up from the Earth. This symbol can be activated around your body, and is a pathway for connection with the Divine.

**Transfiguration is the Shamanic process of radiating light.  This light begins deep within the self, filling all cells and radiating outward.  This healing light can be directed towards specific people, places, or the world generally.

**My local teacher is Marguerite Rigoglioso of Seven Sisters Mystery School.

**The Alta Major Chakra is an energy center based at the back of the skull, in the brain stem.   It is referred to as “The Mouth of the Goddess” and “The seat of Consciousness.” The Alta Major branches out into the brain and has roots reaching down the spine into the root chakra, where it disperses throughout the body.  It allows Shakti energy to ignite and flow down the spine, and is known as a portal to the Divine.  It is also connected to the third eye, and I suspect, the Pineal Gland.

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