Finding My Universal Wink

I came home from a 3 week vacation to find my snapdragon in a loving embrace with my Budda.


Snapdragons represent grace and inner strength, while the Budda is the Master of Serenity.  I am an avid gardener, on a mission to create a healing space in my yard.  Yet I struggle with my path, where I place my feet, the direction I am headed.  The Budda enveloped with the snapdragon is the Universe winking at me, smiling upon me, letting me know that where I find 1  aspect of this trio (grace, serenity, inner strength), the other 2 are sure to follow.  That finding such peace is only a gaze, a breath, a moment away.




Perhaps I will find more Universal Winks.

Namaste 🙂

April Aronoff








Finding Transfiguration

IMG_3859In performing Transfiguration, one becomes a being of light.  It is a light that is divine and shining like the brightest star.IMG_3849As I experience Transfiguration, I go to a place of very high frequency.  This is what I experienced the first time I performed Transfiguration last summer, and what I experienced again last Thursday.  I fill with light and automatically rise up many notches on the frequency meter.  I bathe in my own light.  It is so uplifting and energizing, and feels something akin to Divine Inspiration.  It is the scent of Rose, whose essential oil heals with the highest vibration. IMG_3867Is this why I was chosen to be the gate keeper of Rose oil and why I have planted 10 Rose bushes on my property?IMG_3847

April Aronoff

Photography By April Aronoff